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We have helped teams around the world unleash their growth potential using a simple methodology that we have crafted.

The world is changing at a rapid pace (especially in the season of Covid-19), but most of us have yet to embrace our greatest potential at life and at work.

All it takes is 90 minutes to experience an enlightening discovery process that we have crafted to suit any individual (and teams) at every level of journey in their lives.

Organisations We Work With

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1. Mindset Discovery & Breakthrough Experience

Do you know what is holding your team back from high performance?

Have you experienced what's it like to have group consciousness at work?

Come and discover your team's group mindset and find out what you need to find that breakthrough you need in your team's performance.

You will experience what's it like to tap into your groups potential!

2. Flow Leadership & Group Flow Experience

Group flow is a peak experience, a group performing at its top level of ability. 


In a study of over three hundred professionals at three companies— a strategy consulting firm, a government agency, and a petrochemical company— Rob Cross and Andrew Parker discovered that the people who participated in group flow were the highest performers.

If you'd like to experience what's it like to think, feel, and act as one with your team - check this program out as we bring you through a guided experience in order for you and your team to experience what it's like to really function as one organism.

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3. Core Purpose & Strategic Visioning Workshop

We believe that every company / team must have a very strong WHY (Common Purpose) that is connected to each and every Individual's WHY (Individual Purpose).

Without having this powerful alignment, a group of people cannot move forward with the same intensity and perseverance.

In this workshop - you and your team will experience what's it like to build a common vision & purpose for the group that is highly connected with each individual's personal life plan.

Even if everyone doesn't have their individual personal life plan, we will build one here together.

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Part of what we do is to translate all that we do for top leaders of organisations, into materials thats are relevant for our future generation of leaders as well!

Additional Programs

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Find My Why

Embark on this journey of Self-Discovery with a life coach as a guide. This is where you will discover your sense of meaning for life - what is your life all about? What is meaning to life?

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Find My Peace

We know what's it like trying to please the whole world, only to end up forgetting who we are in the first place. Here, we learn tools for self-healing, emotional management, and personalised centre-ing exercises to keep you in the zone.

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Table Mirror

Find My Tribe

In order to thrive in this world, we have to learn social mastery. To learn the art of connecting with people, is to learn the art of influence. Come learn people skills like reading people and building rapport effectively.

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What a man can be, he must be.

This need we call self-actualisation.

Abraham Maslow

Andrew Ng

Mindset Coach

As a coach, I bring people on a journey inside themselves to truly discover who they are at their core (as a team or an individual).

The key thing is, when people finally know who they are and what they want to do on this earth in this lifetime - they start to lead themselves and take action towards their goals.

In that process - they might find themselves leading others eventually!



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