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We are a specialist in moving people forward by having strategic conversations, whether for teams or for individuals through Coaching & Facilitation Services..

Having the right conversations allow us to also scale people and scale companies in order to move forward in alignment.

If you find having moving conversations difficult for you, let us do it for you.

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1. Assess

We always need to start with a benchmark - assessments.

We are working with Global Psytech as a Strategic Partner for our Psychometric & Organisational Assessments. 

These are total assessment solutions that enhance business performance by monitoring predictive indicators such as employee productivity and work quality. From these indicators of organisational citizenship our analytic system provides estimates of leadership quality, emotional intelligence, and cultural fit.


2. People Strategy Meeting

Do you have the right people strategy in place?

Who are your core team members?

(That if they left, they render a team dysfunctional).

Are they in the right role for optimal growth?

Do each employee have a a personalised, optimal, individual growth plan?

Do you have a strategy in place to retain them based off individual differences & motivations?

We facilitate meetings that allow organisations & teams to develop a clear growth strategy.

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3. Sustain

People come, People go.

But we are here to stay.

All businesses need some sort of permanence and stability throughout time - especially in times of tumultuous change.

As a business partner, we would like to ensure that your people strategy is being constantly refined to the current times and always progressing.

We do not intend to leave you behind.

We are there with you for the long run

We help to sustain strategic meeting rhythms to ensure that all strategic initiatives continue to run - no matter who leaves or stays.



Growth Strategy Facilitation

We facilitate  strategic meetings focused on growth strategies for companies to scale-up.

This includes a Company Vision & Purpose Alignment Session either for the Leadership Teams or Company Wide.

With this proven framework in place, we are able to distil big visions into daily actionables that companies can use to move the company forward - even during tough times.


Leadership 4.0


In this Leadership 4.0 Mindset Coaching Program, we will be exploring what it means for each individual to have a Leadership 4.0 Mindset - Identifying blindspots (gaps) & opportunities in order to make transformational changes.

We do this so that we can be leader that we aspire to be, that exceeds our companies' expectations, and a leader the new world needs.


Building A Resilient Body,Mind,Spirit allows us to be the leader the world needs us to be in the face of VUCA challenges.

Unbeatable Mind was developed by retired 20 year Navy SEAL Commander, Mark Divine. As a licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach, we take an integrated approach to your personal growth, one that encompasses what is called the 5 Mountains – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitional, and Spirit.


Coming Soon...

Unbeatable Mind  PROGRAM

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Part of what we do is to translate all that we do for top leaders of organisations, into materials thats are relevant for our future generation of leaders as well!

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Find My Why

Embark on this journey of Self-Discovery with a life coach as a guide. This is where you will discover your sense of meaning for life - what is your life all about? What is meaning to life?


Find My Peace

We know what's it like trying to please the whole world, only to end up forgetting who we are in the first place. Here, we learn tools for self-healing, emotional management, and personalised centre-ing exercises to keep you in the zone.

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Find My Tribe

In order to thrive in this world, we have to learn social mastery. To learn the art of connecting with people, is to learn the art of influence. Come learn people skills like reading people and building rapport effectively.

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What a man can be, he must be.

This need we call self-actualisation.

Abraham Maslow

Andrew Ng

"Scaling-Up Mindset Coach"

As a coach, I bring people on a journey inside themselves to truly discover who they are at their core.

The key thing is, when people finally know who they are and what they want to do on this earth in this lifetime - they start to lead themselves and take action towards their goals.

In that process - they might find themselves leading others eventually!