The hardest part of building a business is scaling its people.

Here, it is our guarantee.

We’re Anehdrew Coaching PLT, and we’re here to help your business grow by scaling your people. Since our founding in 2018, we’ve supported our client-partners to help them achieve their unique business goals by scaling up their people first. Using our proven methods & frameworks, we’ll work with you to develop a strategy to scale up your people to poise your organisation for exponential growth - even through chaotic times. Partner up with us now and we'll ride this wave together!




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"VUCA" Strategic Meetings

Our strategic meeting structure that we use as an antidote for organisations to embrace uncertainty and manoeuvere through market changes.

These meetings are facilitated by our ScalingPeople.Asia Coaches using the framework (V)ision, (U)nderstanding,(C)larity, (A)ccountability that allows teams to identify with clarity High Impact Action steps that will help the organisation ride out any tsunami in the marketplace.

Leadership Transformation "CIRCLES"

Every organisation needs their leaders to be on top of their game in order to

  • live the organisation's culture

  • develop future leaders

  • think strategically

  • perform under stress & uncertainty

  • ultimately, bring the organisation to the next level!

We support managers to transform themselves into the versatile leaders that their organisation needs them to be in a group coaching setting using our proven methodology based on Gestalt Learning Principles & Shared Learning Experiences.

"1 on 1" Leadership Transformation Coaching

Many top performing & loyal staff tend to be promoted to become a senior leader in an organisation - and that's where some of the disappointment starts. 

If you are currently experiencing this disappointment, whether it is about yourself or for a senior manager - we have a proven methodology that is personally tailored for each individual which allows our partners to transform from the inside out and take steps towards their highest potential.