What Is Your People Strategy?




Every company usually have their usual key function-able roles in place in order to make the company operation-able - CEO, FINANCE, OPERATIONS, MARKETING, SALES, HR - for example. This is good, but do you have the best people in these roles to bring your company to the next level?

Vital Organs = Vital People

We all need our vital organs to survive, sometimes we lose them and it makes life much harder. In order to live and grow healthily, we need our vital organs to be in top shape!

That's why, the best thing about companies are, that we can intentionally choose and design our "organs" to best fit the intended growth that we wish to create.

Anatomical Model



Not only for your organisation, but for each individual staff.

Like our organs, we need to ensure that we have a plan to ensure that it grows healthily so that the body can function effectively and sustainably.

We believe in identifying and building a developmental roadmap for each of your vital employees so that all parties are in line with the companies growth & direction.

In reality, we see many companies keeping the same "organ" for many years but not actually growing them at the same rate as the company - therefore they get left behind.


All professional athletes have to keep to a strict regiment in order to maintain their personal peak health in order to perform at their highest levels - mentally, emotionally, physically, intuitively, spiritually.

We at Scaling People Asia believe in creating a culture of personal growth & self-development that is in line with the company's goals and objectives.

This means we are designing an internal culture that organically pushes the company forward.

We know it is easier said than done, and we know that this type of changes take time - which is why we intend to have long term partnerships with companies in order to see this through.

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Group flow is attainable when the performance unit is a group, such as a team or musical group. When groups cooperate to agree on goals and patterns, social flow, commonly known as group cohesion, is much more likely to occur

This is the peak experience of a group dynamics - when an organisation is able to achieve group flow on an organisational level, scale and growth of the organisation is inevitable.

We at Scaling People Asia intends to help bring your company to experience what is it like to achieve organisational flow and growth.

How Does this Look Like For my Organisation?

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