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A Perspective on Transforming People

It starts from a Perspective.

How does the world works?

What does the meaning of life mean to you?

How will the future look like?

What is the purpose of humanity?

Who is God? Is there a God?

How people live their lives depends on what they fundamentally believe on everything in life.

Coaches will tend to ask sometimes, "what is the story you tell yourself?"

This gives us a glimpse of how someone sees the world from their perspective, what they believe in, and how they experience life in general. This is also known as our Mental Model of the World.

Question is, are their current beliefs helping them to live their lives to its limits?

Reviewing our Perspective of the World.

So what works for us, is that we work with our clients to review their core beliefs about the world, how do they want envision their world to be, what is their world currently, and why does this world hold meaning to them?

This applies to organisations & teams as well - as most organisations and teams are formed for a specific purpose, and to actively take part in changing the course of the world into something that they believe in. Of course sometimes, as life happens, we individuals or groups of people tend to get caught up in the daily grind that we forgot to see the bigger picture.

Redefining Our Perspective, Our Mental Model.

In the exploration of different perspectives on a certain matter, we are able to then piece the different puzzles together again to redefine what the world looks like to us again.

As the picture above, when we finally see the big picture - we will know that whatever we were looking at the whole time, was an elephant.

But only when we are able to first redefine our beliefs and how we see the world, thats where the real transformation starts.

It starts from our beliefs.

From here on, we can develop Personal Mastery with Deliberate Practice.

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