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Omniscience - How Seeing All Can Scale People

Of course we are not God but...

But we can attempt to see the world from "God's" (depending on what you believe) perspective and build a Mental Model on how to build people.

Imagine if you could take a peek into everybody's mind to understand what each and everyone's thoughts and emotions are about certain matters.

If you had knowledge & understanding of each and everyone in this world (or just your team/organisation for discussion's sake), what would you do with this information?

What would you do differently?

You can be Professor X?

Peering into the minds of people all over the world, Professor X (the founder & leader of X-Men) uses this "ability" to find mutants all over the world - to shelter and train them in his school "X-Mansion / Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters" for the greater purpose of mutant co-existing peacefully with humans.

Instead of using his ability to control the minds of others for personal gain & dominance over ordinary humans, he uses his talents to build other mutants up for a greater purpose. A world that encourages peace & harmony by being living role models (X-Men).

Where is your X-Mansion?

Question is, do you have your X-mansion for your organisation?

Where you have a safe space to tap into the thoughts & feelings of your employees/staff to understand where they are at?

A safe space to develop their ideal mental models, their talents, & capabilities?

Somewhere the whole organisation can frequently align on the greater purpose?

How are you attracting talents that have the potential to live your greater purpose?

What will you do differently today if you knew the thoughts & emotions of your organisation?

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