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Scale Your People in 6 months to prepare for the VUCA World

The Leadership Trifecta Model

At Scaling People.Asia, we believe in the Trifecta Model based on our personal success with our clients.

We found that our clients that we have worked with have been successfully thriving in this difficult time, and we were wondering why?

So we re-looked into our successes and found a pattern that emerged out of our coaching session - Resilience Building, Strategic Thinking & Human Centric.

Thus, the outcome of our latest Leadership Trifecta Model. We have built this program into a 6 months program, which means you can use this roadmap as a guiding principle for your Leadership Development Plan as well moving forward.

1. Build Emotional & Mental Resilience (INNER MASTERY) In your first two months, the first thing we need to get each and every key employee to be really master their inner domains (Emotions & Mental) as the pace of life and business is going to move faster than ever - therefore uncertainties in the market place are going to be abundant and current leaders need to fully prepare themselves to be ready to fight on the frontlines of the organisations when they need to.

The 6 Key Areas we have identified are as above;

1. The ability to control our mental & emotional states effectively

2. The ability to maintain personal energy levels effectively.

3. Having a life anchor to remain "centred".

4. The ability to have unwavering faith.

5. The ability to face & accept brutal realities.

6. Having a compelling life's mission.

If you and your team are able to have this inner mastery of ourselves, imagine how would the team dynamics would be like

2. Building a Strategic Thinking Mindset (Game Theory & Probabilities)

From the third month, start learning how game theory & behavioural economics work as it is essential to understand the different types of "games" out there and how probabilistic outcomes matter. This would help your leadership team start thinking in a a more strategic manner, such as forecasting, anticipating, scenario planning, expected outcomes, tradeoffs, gains, "players", & "dominant responses".

If you've developed a strong strategic thinking mindset, your team's conversations would be very different and everyone will be constructively debating and challenging each other in a very objective manner - which would usually end up with a forward thinking outcome for the organisation.

Which means you are anticipating what the customers needs, the suppliers needs, the markets needs, and possibly anticipating threats and opportunities at a much faster rate.

3. Learning to be a Human-Centric Leader

By the 5th month, this is where we build our leaders to being more humanistic leaders. By our definition, a Human-Centric leader is a leader that is able to

1. Connect & move people towards a common objective.

2. Read & empathise with others.

3. Coach others.

4. Change leadership styles that are catered for the situation, but still maintain the humaneness through interaction.

5. Read social dynamics & influence groups.

6. Build communities.

Leadership Trifecta Bootcamp with ScalingPeople.Asia

If you'd like to know more about how you can build yourself up and others using the Leadership Trifecta model - feel free to contact us right now at to explore how we can develop this together with you or your team.

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