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The Missing Mindset needed to Scale-Up Companies for Exponential Growth.

After many years observing and participating in different companies' scaling-up journey, there was ONE key differentiator from those who scaled faster than others that has rarely been discussed....

The mindset of the leaders of the company and the management team.

Based off our experience, we have just developed a model for leaders to reflect upon in their scaling up journey.

All mindsets here are important in their own manner and each mindset plays an important role.

- Performance Mindset:

Management teams with performance mindset highly prioritise actions and results. Encouraging "Can-Do" or "Prove" mindset.

Many times, Performance Mindset teams do great with Year on Year Results and can drive significant growth, but usually not exponential growth.

- Strategic Mindset:

Management teams with high focus on strategy are able to come up with innovative solutions and ideas in order to challenge the status-quo. Encouraging "Can-Think" or "Improve" mindset.

These teams highly value strategic meetings and usually have a great cohesive team structure due to having lots of inclusive & in-depth conversations on how to steer the company forward.

Problem is at times, attention to results and performance is neglected in favour of the bigger picture. Therefore, a tendency to to have fluctuating growth rates.

- Traditional Mindset:

Traditional management teams tend to focus on doing what was doing well in the past and not adjusting according to circumstances, but at times keeps and upholds certain legacy values of the company. Encouraging "Risk-Aversion" mindset which can sometimes save a company.

Usually these teams will tend to see stagnant growth, but constant performance throughout the years. There is a risk of attracting and retaining new talents in favour of "not rocking the boat".

- Scale-Up Mindset:

The key difference here is that these management teams have learnt how to shift and balance these different mindsets (especially between strategic & performance) within the organisation in order to scale the company.

These teams tend to be dynamic, forward thinking, inclusive, yet adamant on performance results as well - and more adaptable to changes in the environment, therefore growing even in a difficult environment.

To create an environment to balance all these disciplines and mindsets together needs a certain leadership mindset.

So the question is, what mindset are you and your leadership team adopting in order to scale your company for exponential growth?

If you'd like to know more and claim your free session to bring awareness to what mindsets you or your team are adopting, feel free to message me directly or email us at

Looking forward to seeing you at the top!

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