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The real pandemic we have today - and it's not the coronavirus.


The fear of uncertainty is gripping people in the wake of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) breakout - people in affected countries are panicking, clearing the toilet paper aisles at grocery stores (in Australia as picture above...why?!).

In some countries, people are stealing masks & hand sanitisers from hospitals (where the doctors & nurses probably need them the most).

In times of fear ,uncertainty & also fake news, people start behaving irrationally and selfishly in order to save ourselves and our kin first - unintentionally stepping on someone else who might have needed the resources more than those buying them for "just in case" purposes.

Many companies are in the process of developing new vaccines for this new virus, but is there anyone developing a vaccine for Fear & Panic of the Masses?

Leadership, the real vaccine

In times of chaos, it is up to leaders who step up and actually create order and structure to protect the masses - to make sure the real needs of everyone are met.

Sure there will be possible consequences for making big decisions that might make a lot of people unhappy - even though the intention is to preserve the survival of the masses as a whole. Which is why Leadership is a big responsibility & this person usually have to be almost self-less because the decisions he/she takes have a potentially large impact on a large number of people - which is why, the real pandemic is, the real lack of leaders in this world today.

The Real Pandemic - Lack of Leaders everywhere.

Of course, there are many unsung heroes and leaders in small pockets of communities every where, but we will still need to up our game of building & increasing the level of our common leaders in every area possible.

We need to do this because we never know when the next big wave of uncertainty will hit us again, and who knows how disastrous the next calamity might be - so we ask the question, how are we preparing ourselves for the future?

We see the need to plant, sow, cultivate highly calibered, versatile leaders all over the world.

We need to build leaders that can thrive & cope through the uncertainty, when overwhelming fear draws upon us - and these leaders will be able to face these fears & uncertainty - look them in eye, and turn towards the people and figuratively say "We will overcome this together, if you are in, this is the plan. We need you. We need us."

There will always be some questionable leaders around the world who might be in it for their self-gains, which means we need to increase the number of the leaders around the world who are self-less - who are united in putting people first, saving humanity (or organisations with a cause) despite all odds & all set backs.

This is what we at Anehdrew Coaching PLT was set up to do with ScalingPeople.Asia . Question is, what are you going to do about this real pandemic?

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