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What makes us different?

We hold a set of transformational leadership principles based on the Leadership Trifecta as above.

This happened unintentionally as we realised a theme coming out from our successful transformations come from our clients & the frameworks we have.

1.Inner Mastery (Emotional & Mental) - 8 Sessions

We've had to deal with many anxiety cases before, so we realised after we have resolved them - they also learnt to be a little bit more resilient! So drawing from our experience working on performance and anxiety,  we were able to formulate 6 core areas in order to build Mental & Emotional Resilience (inner Master) 

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2. Strategic Thinking Models - 8 Sessions

In regards to strategic thinking models, a lot of the successes we see here was because our clients have not been exposed to strategic thinking models before (or how to use them effectively).

Strategic Thinking Models here such as:

  • Decision Tree Model

  • Probabilistic Thinking

  • First Principles

  • Scenario Planning

  • Forecasting & Predicting

3. Human-Centric Leadership - 8 Sessions

So what usually happens here is that we have to go through the different leadership styles that are out there and determine which is our client's dominant style and defining which styles they have the most trouble with.

  • From there, we also learn about people skills:

  • Building Rapport Skills

  • Reading People & Profiling People

  • Team & Social Dynamics

  • Team Engagement Tactics

  • Coaching Psychology

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